Acting Locally


We have heard from the media about the difficult budget choices faced by our legislators. We can sympathize, because we have all had to make these choices at one time or another. If we’re fortunate, such choices may be whether we should cut our vacation trip back to one week instead of two, or whether we should consider a used car next year instead of a new car next month. I wonder how many of us have been faced with the much tougher choices too many must make: Do I pay the rent or the oil bill this month? Do I buy food or get a refill of my prescription?

For years the Northampton Survival Center has been serving the community by providing food and clothing to individuals and families throughout Hampshire County. There are even some choices to be made here. There’s a selection of clothes that our staff tries to keep seasonally appropriate. There are usually books and toys to choose from as well. As a pantry worker I know I will be asking someone “peanut butter or tuna fish?”, but I also know that’s a better choice to make than “peanut butter or rent?” There are some choices people just shouldn’t have to make.

When you are homeless, it’s difficult to keep a job. When you are jobless, it’s difficult to keep a home. When your choices dwindle to a few, it’s good to know the Northampton Survival Center is here to help. When your choices are many, it’s good to know that you are here to help the Survival Center, and in doing so, help your neighbors with their difficult choices.

- Greg D'Unger

Article written for The Northampton Survival Center Newsletter