Department of Mea Culpas

When did the first step of the twelve step program for recovering celebrity racists (racist celebrities?) become the apology to Al Sharpton?

Michael Richards and Don Imus took this now well-worn path on the road to recovery.

I think it's funny that Al (Can I call you Al?) has become the race confessor and I think this calls for a new honorific to replace 'Reverend'.

Maybe something like 'Depolemicator'?

This opens up a whole new profession that used to be hidden behind the walls of PR firms, but obviously needs the human touch of a face to go with the awsome responsibility of accepting someone's apology. (At least an earthly face.)

For example, Larry Craig should not have to apologize to every Republican personally.

Another trend seems to be on the horizon : the Victim Apology. Two examples come to mind : the apology to Dick Cheney by his shooting victim and the apology by Donnie Osmond to Larry King for blind-siding his sister with a very personal question. Of course these apologies are just a more complex form of PR - a job that cannot have a public face in order to be effective.